Inflatable lawn tent ——the best present is sent among your friends in the modern

7 Mar

The present is a big name in our mind, because we must bring it to others who are our friends or relatives in some festivals or activities. Usually, we should send the different presents to different people in special occasions. This is the etiquette for anyone all over the world. Of course, the different countries also have different etiquettes, however, the inflatable lawn tent is still the most common present among all people’s friends.

For example, most of the people are females among my friends, if you want to know which present you would love to send to them, I can tell you that the very useful present I want to give them without hesitation. Because our friends are very interesting in travel in their spare time, so this meaningful gift is the inflatable lawn tent.

We all know that the inflatable lawn tent is very popular in the world. Moreover, with the continuous development of society, more and more beautiful inflatable lawn tent can be launched, and all people would love to use the personality one for themselves. But why? The reason is no difficult, the travel also need beauty in any countries. According to the survey, the following one is very welcome in everyone’s heart, I use it as a gift too.

inflatable lawn tent

inflatable lawn tent

This style inflatable lawn tent’s main dome is about 4m diameter and 3.3mH, the branch dome is about 2.5m diameter, and the size of the tunnel is 2mx2mx2m, it is very light and easy to take. Click here to visit Yolloy now.

Generally speaking, this inflatable bubble lodge tent is favored for its wide application for advertising, camping, holiday leisure outdoor activities, trade shows, exhibitions, promotion, outdoor shelter, car shelter, etc. It can be easily installed in parties, parks, amusement centers, backyard, gardens, and so on. Therefore, it is suitable for any people, it is the multifunctional tents.

Although it is very popular, it is not expensive, we have bought four inflatable lawn tents and sent them to four friends, they all loved it because of the unique function. As long as they want to travel, they can take it every time, the same to me. On my travel, this beautiful inflatable lawn tent makes me feel more pleasure.

Without doubt, this colorful tent is really good in people’s travel or any other activities, especially in the modern. Maybe you know that the travel is the best hobby to modern people, and the best present is also very important, all of this made the travel gift is booming. Therefore, the inflatable lawn tent is the best present among your friends in the modern.


The inflatable lawn tent is very wonderful in Christmas activities all over the world

4 Mar

In this world, there are many rich people living in the high quality life, but most of the poor and common people are still living in the miserable life. Nevertheless, the Christmas party belongs to all people who can get happy from it. In everyone’s mind, this is a truth.

Do you want to get the happy from your life? This question was answered for many times by a lot of the people who are thoughtful men. Without doubt, everyone would love to become the happy one and also would love to live a meaningful life.

As it to me, I am a common woman, so I always live in a simple life but I also can get more fun in every Christmas activity. As we all know, the female’ nature loves the beauty and all women can also become the very beautiful people such as actors in Christmas day.

In modern times, with the development of the economic, more and more products will be produced by some manufactures they created the beauty for our world. In fact, most of the products are very fashion but cheap, so they will help our common and poor people to enjoy their newest products such as the latest inflatable lawn tent.

inflatable lawn tent

inflatable lawn tent

This inflatable lawn tent is very popular in these days, it is clear and the space is very big and it can make the people very comfort. The size of the diameter is 4m, the high is 3.5m, inflatable tunnel is 1.5mx1mx 2mH. It is made of the transparent PVC and PVC tarps. Therefore, it is really durable and easy to take as long as you need to use it. Especially it is very welcome in Christmas party.

Usually, I am interesting in Christmas party every year, as long as the activity is allowed, I can prepare something for it. This year, I had a very wonderful Christmas day because of the charming clear inflatable lawn tent.

That day, we wore all kinds of the Christmas clothes and performed many programs. As matter of the facts, this inflatable lawn tent is many people’s favorite at then time.

In a word, this inflatable lawn tent is the newest entertainment equipment different from the past common entertainment equipments. Moreover, no matter where it is installed, I will be very happy because of its unique styles and high quality. Therefore, the inflatable lawn tent is very wonderful in Christmas activities all over the world

Settle some inflatable lawn tent around the place of interest, give the visitors a satisfied journey

3 Mar

People like to visit some places of interest during their vacations. Sometimes the bad weather is the problem for them. When the weather report said that during the vacation, it may be rain or strong sunshine or windy, people will be very disappointed because they can not carry out their plan of this vacation.

The bad weather can not change, but the situation can be change by people. If the administrator set some inflatable lawn tent as a rest room around the places of interest, people can carry on their plan no matter it rains, because the visitors can avoid the rain or strong sunshine or snow in the inflatable lawn tent.

The inflatable lawn tent not only can use for the visitors to avoid the rain, wind, strong sunshine and so on, but also can let the visitors have a rest in it when the weather is well. If it is permitted, the administrators can put some water or food in the tent for the visitor.

You may ask that what make the inflatable lawn tent better than other tents to settle around the places of interest?  Now, let me introduce the advantages of this lawn tent. Its picture is showed below.

inflatable lawn tent

inflatable lawn tent

The biggest advantage of the inflatable lawn tent is it is more convenient to transport and set up than the tent which consists of the steel frame and canvas. First, the weight of the inflatable one is lighter than the steel frame one. The inflatable tent is made from the PVC tarps. And the PVC tarp is lighter than the canvas. What makes the normal steel tent heavier than the inflatable one is its steel frame. Usually, the steel frame one need two persons to carry it and need 3 or more persons to set it up because of the heavy steel frame and they need some ropes to tie the canvas and steel frame together. But for the inflatable one, it just needs one or two persons to set it up. It must be place over a flat lawn or floor. And then link the lawn tent to some air blowers to blow air into it. After several minutes, the tent is set up! It does not need ropes to tie the canvas and the steel frame together.

So the inflatable lawn tent is more convenient than the steel frame one, and easier to set up and fold up!

Clear inflatable lawn tent can be a unique and comfortable house when camping

2 Mar

Camping on the field is an exciting thing. When camping with a normal tent, it may be a little simple. But when camping with a unique, special and comfortable tent, the atmosphere will be very different from camping with the normal one. So, when you are go camping with an inflatable lawn tent like the one showed in the follow picture, you will have a more special experience.Or you can visit Yolloy Clear Inflatable Lawn Tent for more info.

inflatable lawn tent

inflatable lawn tent

As it showed in the picture, the inflatable lawn tent looks clear because of its transparent characteristic. You can see that there are some chairs and table in the tent, and there are three tents connected together.  The tent is big enough to put one or two bed in it, so you can camp with your family members, and one bed for you and your wife, the other bed is for your kids. On the bottom of the tents, there is an inflatable floor. Some lawn tents have no floor on their bottom, so campers should bring some mats or clothes with them when camping. It is a big trouble to bring too many things when camping. As for the inflatable one, people have no need to bring with mats or clothes when camping because there is an inflatable floor. They sleep on the floor when they do not want to bring too many things.

The transparent top provides a good chance for the campers to appreciate the beauty of star sky at night.  With the transparent top of the tent, the light of star and moon will shine in the tent and make the tent looked more beautiful at night.

Not only can provide a comfortable environment for the campers to enjoy the beauty of nature, the inflatable lawn tent but also can make the campers enjoy the nature during the day. The sunshine can shine in the tent and campers can chat with their partners and enjoy some delicious food and wine. What is more, you can put your tents in a place that has beautiful scene, like surround with some beautiful flowers. Then you can enjoy the beautiful scene when you tasting a delicious wine with you partners on your comfortable sofa.

Compared with other tents, the inflatable lawn tent can provide a more comfortable, unique and romantic experience for you and your partners. You deserve to own it!

Different kind of inflatable lawn tents used in different occasions

1 Mar

With many things to do during one year, we need different kinds of inflatable lawn tents to be a shelter for us to work or enjoy ourselves. And according to different occasions, various kinds of inflatable lawn tents are design.

The one showed in the picture one is a lawn tent without PVC material in the bottom of the tent. And the one showed in picture two has a PVC material in the bottom. Both of them have the some appearance and size, but they can use in different occasions. The first one can be use as a workshop for those who want to put some chairs and table in it. For example, for the army, and they can change the color of this tent into camouflage. The second one can be use as a car maintenance station, or spray-paint for car inside. Or just simply use it as a car shelter. These is the different usage of these two tents. But you can click here to know more products like this.

inflatable lawn tent1

inflatable lawn tent1











inflatable lawn tent2

inflatable lawn tent2










The inflatable lawn tent showed in the picture three is different from the previous two tents. This kind of tent has an obvious different shape that compare with the previous two. It is longer than two tents showed above. And there are some windows on each side of the tent. This tent is called inflatable building tent. We can know from its name that it can be used as a portable building for different occasions, like the exhibitions, big parties or as a marketplace. It can contain hundreds of people.

inflatable lawn tent3

inflatable lawn tent3










The three inflatable lawn tents above have different structure and used for different occasions. They have something in common, too. The size of each kind of tent can be change according to customers’ need, so you can tell the online members the size you need when you make an order. The material of these tents is the same. They are made with the most advance material that name PVC tarps. This advance material makes them have a high quality. As for the color, if you do not like black, you can tell the online members what color do you want or you can order a white one, that you can change the color of the tents by putting different colors of light in it. The color light of lights can help you make your tent looks colorful.

The transparent PVC inflatable lawn tent does not cause any damage to the lawn in the parks

28 Feb

In recent years, many people like to use the inflatable lawn tent for their spare time in the lawn, especially the transparent PVC inflatable lawn tent. This is a progress of the society, we know that the life needs activity, only this can made the people very happy. As it to me, I also would love to enjoy the nature in every week or vacation. Get to know more here:

In fact, I have enjoyed the transparent PVC inflatable lawn tent for many times, and I feel very comfort each time. Just as the following one, it is also my favorite outdoor tool. Perhaps you can asked me a question, ‘ does it cause some damage to the lawn?’, the answer is no. First of all, you should look at it carefully, and then listen to the people’s perspective about it.

inflatable lawn tent

About this inflatable lawn tent, it is transparent so that the user can see the entire landscape clearly. When you stayed in its inner, how comfort they are! Generally speaking, it is made of the 0.8mm PVC, the dome is about 4m in diameter, the high is about 3m, and the tunnel is about 2mx2m.

Besides, it is self-sealing transparent PVC tent. The air blower is very standard for different market, with the accessories such as air blower,ground sheet repair kit, glue, instruction, and so on. It is usually used in amusement park or family yard, that is to say, it is the best tool for outdoor camping.

For example, some park staff said, ‘the tent can’t damage the lawn at all, the small hole will be returned to normal through stepping on it gently. At present, all parks are mostly resistant to trampling the lawn varieties.’ Besides, one park director also endorses the tent has no effect on the lawn.

However,this park director stressed that the public should not enter the lawn during lawn maintenance period, because the grass can be hurt easily. In the meanwhile,the park will be erected a sign to remind visitors attention during conservation.

Therefore,the supporting feet of the inflatable lawn tent is very thin, it will not be damage to the lawn.If you want to use above transparent PVC inflatable lawn tent, please feel free to use it, don’t worry about any elements. It has been popular all over the world, all people love to use it happily, because the transparent PVC inflatable lawn tent does not cause any damage to the lawn in the park.


When wholesale fashion inflatable lawn tent, you need to choose the best color correctly

9 Jan

If you are a wholesaler, you always ordered all kinds of the products, do you choose their colors carefully when you order? As we all know, the different products have different features, and most of customers will buy them according to their features. Therefore, as a business man, you should know something about the products. It turns out every merchant will do a good business once you do that.

inflatable lawn tent

inflatable lawn tent

Maybe you are a young lady who loves to travel very often. Of course, you need take some tools for your trip include the inflatable lawn tent. Now, I have sold all kinds of the tents for many years, so I have met all kinds of the customers.

Generally speaking, someone would love to take the simple but cheap tent such as the big sun umbrella, someone would love to take the unique but not too expensive tent such as the common entertainment tent, someone would love to take light tent for convenient and so on. But the modern people need the fashion tents for the lawn just like the inflatable lawn tent, especially the white one.

In addition, all kinds of the styles or colors are also the very important elegant for us. In order to do a better business in wholesale inflatable lawn tent, I have to do some extra work for my customers. In my online shop, I found most of the young ladies would love to get their favorite white inflatable lawn tent just like above one.

Specifically, this inflatable lawn tent is very popular in these days, the head is made of the Eva Poly-foam (non toxic, lightweight, washable), and the body is made of the soft plush, advanced plush, fake fur,fiberfill. So it is very durable and light weight. However, the lining is made of the polyester taffeta and the filling is made of the polypropylene cotton. Its size is 180cmH, the accessory includes the cool fan and helmet.

Most important, it is used in a very wide range. For example, it is not only he best partner for your trip, but also it is apply to the promotions, amusement, theme parks, carnival parties, festival, rental and other events.

In a word, according to the different colors, I can choose the white color correctly when I wholesale inflatable lawn tent. Therefore, my tent business has been very booming and I also gained more money. From now on, I always remember that I need to choose their colors correctly for anything, so do you.