The very beautiful transparent inflatable lawn tent is used for car showroom yesterday

11 Mar

Yesterday is Sunday, I went out with my friends and wanted to buy some new clothes. When we walked to the city center, we found a lot of people around there that the brand-name car was shown. At that time, we felt that there was nothing, so we still walked very slowly.

To our surprisingly, when we closed to the car showroom, we all were attracted by that showroom. As matter of the facts, this car showroom is one beautiful transparent inflatable lawn tent. At then time, a red new brand-name car was displayed in the center of the tent, and it is very conspicuous. If you want to understand it, you can have a look at this picture.

inflatable lawn tent

inflatable lawn tent

Specifically, this transparent inflatable lawn tent is very charming. Its size is about 5m diameter and 3.5mH, the Mather is made of the clear PVC and the PVC tarps. About its function, except for the products promotions, it is also used in the inflatable beach sunset and camping clear tent.

When I remembered, some people asked the inflatable lawn tent’s price yesterday, because of its charming. Of course, the mainly promotional product is the brand-name car, but a lot of people’s attention is directed to this transparent inflatable lawn tent. Without doubt, most of the cars have been sold that day, all of this is due to the decorations of the transparent inflatable lawn tent.

As matter of the facts, most of the people like it more than the car in that day, because the inflatable lawn tent can help people out in many cases. After we came back, my friends talked about each other, they want to but it for their camping or other activities, this good idea caught my attention immediately.

Now I am working in a big company as a sales manager, and I think I can use this transparent inflatable lawn tent for our promotions, in this way, I will earn a lot of many, don’t you think so? Therefore, I have made a decision, and intent to apply to the boss. Besides, I also intent to buy it for my favorite camping entertainment activities.

In the meanwhile, if you are an audience yesterday, maybe you bought the brand-name car, but I am sure that beautiful transparent inflatable lawn tent must be your own favorite too. Catch it now, with the beautiful tent, your life will be more fun!


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