Settle some inflatable lawn tent around the place of interest, give the visitors a satisfied journey

3 Mar

People like to visit some places of interest during their vacations. Sometimes the bad weather is the problem for them. When the weather report said that during the vacation, it may be rain or strong sunshine or windy, people will be very disappointed because they can not carry out their plan of this vacation.

The bad weather can not change, but the situation can be change by people. If the administrator set some inflatable lawn tent as a rest room around the places of interest, people can carry on their plan no matter it rains, because the visitors can avoid the rain or strong sunshine or snow in the inflatable lawn tent.

The inflatable lawn tent not only can use for the visitors to avoid the rain, wind, strong sunshine and so on, but also can let the visitors have a rest in it when the weather is well. If it is permitted, the administrators can put some water or food in the tent for the visitor.

You may ask that what make the inflatable lawn tent better than other tents to settle around the places of interest?  Now, let me introduce the advantages of this lawn tent. Its picture is showed below.

inflatable lawn tent

inflatable lawn tent

The biggest advantage of the inflatable lawn tent is it is more convenient to transport and set up than the tent which consists of the steel frame and canvas. First, the weight of the inflatable one is lighter than the steel frame one. The inflatable tent is made from the PVC tarps. And the PVC tarp is lighter than the canvas. What makes the normal steel tent heavier than the inflatable one is its steel frame. Usually, the steel frame one need two persons to carry it and need 3 or more persons to set it up because of the heavy steel frame and they need some ropes to tie the canvas and steel frame together. But for the inflatable one, it just needs one or two persons to set it up. It must be place over a flat lawn or floor. And then link the lawn tent to some air blowers to blow air into it. After several minutes, the tent is set up! It does not need ropes to tie the canvas and the steel frame together.

So the inflatable lawn tent is more convenient than the steel frame one, and easier to set up and fold up!


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