Clear inflatable lawn tent can be a unique and comfortable house when camping

2 Mar

Camping on the field is an exciting thing. When camping with a normal tent, it may be a little simple. But when camping with a unique, special and comfortable tent, the atmosphere will be very different from camping with the normal one. So, when you are go camping with an inflatable lawn tent like the one showed in the follow picture, you will have a more special experience.Or you can visit Yolloy Clear Inflatable Lawn Tent for more info.

inflatable lawn tent

inflatable lawn tent

As it showed in the picture, the inflatable lawn tent looks clear because of its transparent characteristic. You can see that there are some chairs and table in the tent, and there are three tents connected together.  The tent is big enough to put one or two bed in it, so you can camp with your family members, and one bed for you and your wife, the other bed is for your kids. On the bottom of the tents, there is an inflatable floor. Some lawn tents have no floor on their bottom, so campers should bring some mats or clothes with them when camping. It is a big trouble to bring too many things when camping. As for the inflatable one, people have no need to bring with mats or clothes when camping because there is an inflatable floor. They sleep on the floor when they do not want to bring too many things.

The transparent top provides a good chance for the campers to appreciate the beauty of star sky at night.  With the transparent top of the tent, the light of star and moon will shine in the tent and make the tent looked more beautiful at night.

Not only can provide a comfortable environment for the campers to enjoy the beauty of nature, the inflatable lawn tent but also can make the campers enjoy the nature during the day. The sunshine can shine in the tent and campers can chat with their partners and enjoy some delicious food and wine. What is more, you can put your tents in a place that has beautiful scene, like surround with some beautiful flowers. Then you can enjoy the beautiful scene when you tasting a delicious wine with you partners on your comfortable sofa.

Compared with other tents, the inflatable lawn tent can provide a more comfortable, unique and romantic experience for you and your partners. You deserve to own it!


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