Different kind of inflatable lawn tents used in different occasions

1 Mar

With many things to do during one year, we need different kinds of inflatable lawn tents to be a shelter for us to work or enjoy ourselves. And according to different occasions, various kinds of inflatable lawn tents are design.

The one showed in the picture one is a lawn tent without PVC material in the bottom of the tent. And the one showed in picture two has a PVC material in the bottom. Both of them have the some appearance and size, but they can use in different occasions. The first one can be use as a workshop for those who want to put some chairs and table in it. For example, for the army, and they can change the color of this tent into camouflage. The second one can be use as a car maintenance station, or spray-paint for car inside. Or just simply use it as a car shelter. These is the different usage of these two tents. But you can click here to know more products like this.

inflatable lawn tent1

inflatable lawn tent1











inflatable lawn tent2

inflatable lawn tent2










The inflatable lawn tent showed in the picture three is different from the previous two tents. This kind of tent has an obvious different shape that compare with the previous two. It is longer than two tents showed above. And there are some windows on each side of the tent. This tent is called inflatable building tent. We can know from its name that it can be used as a portable building for different occasions, like the exhibitions, big parties or as a marketplace. It can contain hundreds of people.

inflatable lawn tent3

inflatable lawn tent3










The three inflatable lawn tents above have different structure and used for different occasions. They have something in common, too. The size of each kind of tent can be change according to customers’ need, so you can tell the online members the size you need when you make an order. The material of these tents is the same. They are made with the most advance material that name PVC tarps. This advance material makes them have a high quality. As for the color, if you do not like black, you can tell the online members what color do you want or you can order a white one, that you can change the color of the tents by putting different colors of light in it. The color light of lights can help you make your tent looks colorful.


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