When wholesale fashion inflatable lawn tent, you need to choose the best color correctly

9 Jan

If you are a wholesaler, you always ordered all kinds of the products, do you choose their colors carefully when you order? As we all know, the different products have different features, and most of customers will buy them according to their features. Therefore, as a business man, you should know something about the products. It turns out every merchant will do a good business once you do that.

inflatable lawn tent

inflatable lawn tent

Maybe you are a young lady who loves to travel very often. Of course, you need take some tools for your trip include the inflatable lawn tent. Now, I have sold all kinds of the tents for many years, so I have met all kinds of the customers.

Generally speaking, someone would love to take the simple but cheap tent such as the big sun umbrella, someone would love to take the unique but not too expensive tent such as the common entertainment tent, someone would love to take light tent for convenient and so on. But the modern people need the fashion tents for the lawn just like the inflatable lawn tent, especially the white one.

In addition, all kinds of the styles or colors are also the very important elegant for us. In order to do a better business in wholesale inflatable lawn tent, I have to do some extra work for my customers. In my online shop, I found most of the young ladies would love to get their favorite white inflatable lawn tent just like above one.

Specifically, this inflatable lawn tent is very popular in these days, the head is made of the Eva Poly-foam (non toxic, lightweight, washable), and the body is made of the soft plush, advanced plush, fake fur,fiberfill. So it is very durable and light weight. However, the lining is made of the polyester taffeta and the filling is made of the polypropylene cotton. Its size is 180cmH, the accessory includes the cool fan and helmet.

Most important, it is used in a very wide range. For example, it is not only he best partner for your trip, but also it is apply to the promotions, amusement, theme parks, carnival parties, festival, rental and other events.

In a word, according to the different colors, I can choose the white color correctly when I wholesale inflatable lawn tent. Therefore, my tent business has been very booming and I also gained more money. From now on, I always remember that I need to choose their colors correctly for anything, so do you.


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