These days the very beautiful inflatable lawn tent has attracted street people in our city

9 Jan

I worked in a very lively city. In our city, the people are very trendy, the government special pay attention to the management of the urban environment, so many new things appear in the city very often. Recently, the very beautiful inflatable lawn tent is displayed in crossroads in our city, as long as I pass through there, I can see it for a few minutes.

inflatable lawn tent

inflatable lawn tent

This inflatable lawn tent is about 5mL*5mW*3.5mH, and it has 14m diameter. Its material is clear PVC and PVC tarps. So its space is very large, and it suits to decorative environment. Therefore, it is very popular especially in the city center.

If you want to know its specific details, and how beautiful in the many people’s eyes? Here I can help you out about this inflatable lawn tent. First of all, it is a transparent sphere tent, it is easy to install and unfold, but usually it can be placed in a fixed location for some festivals or society activities for a long time. In fact, you can look at the following picture, that’s a life size Christmas snow globe, and it is very nice.

A few days ago, the Christmas would come, the city leadership displayed this inflatable lawn tent for our city. Once it is installed in the the city center, all street people are attracted by it every day, it is scenery line in the city.

Besides, it can add unlimited fun to the Christmas day. Although the Christmas day is the western festival, but it is also popular all over the world in modern times. Therefore, the Christmas day is also valued in all countries every year. Of curse, the inflatable lawn tent is the best choice for Christmas decoration.

As a fashion tent, the inflatable lawn tent is a multifunctional tent and it can be used in different society activities. If you are a person who usually work in the city, you must see all kinds of the activities such as the large-scale promotional activities, the exhibition meeting, stars concert, school games and so on. If you are need to choose the fashion multifunctional tent, this one is inflatable lawn tent is the right one for you.

In a word, this inflatable lawn tent is very useful in our social events. With the development of the economic, more and more fashion inflatable lawn tent will be lanched, just like this one. In order for our life’s better and better, we hope more and more people can enjoy its fun.


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