The beautiful inflatable lawn tent has become my partner from now on

9 Jan

Usually, I always worked in the factory as a common office lady. About my job, I don’t hate it although it is very boring. As a beautiful office lady, I also would love to travel with some friends. Sometimes, we can travel to the lawn ground; we can climb all kinds of the mountains; we can wander some beautiful parks such as the theme park or water park. If we have a long trip, we must prepare the tent to have a rest.

inflatable lawn tent

inflatable lawn tent

About the tent, we always use the big umbrella, or the old tent, of course, that is not easy to take. In order to find the convenient and fashion tent for travel, I bought the beautiful inflatable lawn tent such as the following one.

This inflatable lawn tent is about 4m diameter and 3.3mH, the branch dome is about 2.5m diameter, and the tunnel is about 2m x 2m x 2m. Besides, this inflatable bubble lodge tent is favored for its wide application for advertising, camping, holiday leisure outdoor activities, trade shows, exhibitions, promotion, outdoor shelter, car shelter, etc. it can be easily installed in parties, parks, amusement centers, backyard, gardens, and so on. All of this made me love it very much, once I need to take part in some activities, I must take this inflatable lawn tent firstly.

Last month, I went abroad with some colleagues. At that time, I brought my new inflatable lawn tent together with us. When we reached the USA, I found the beautiful lawn ground to visit, and that time, the weather is very cold, so the inflatable lawn tent is very important to us. When I installed it at night, the color is very charming and most of the audience were attracted by it. Most important, this inflatable lawn tent also can protect us against the wind.

Generally speaking, this inflatable lawn tent can make the entire sky very wonderful. It is not only comfort but also durable especially in trip. In a word, it is the multifunctional tent as a entertainment equipment. If you are a person who would love to travel very much, this is a good idea in using this inflatable lawn tent. In this way, you will be have a good trip at any time.

At least, this beautiful inflatable lawn tent has become my partner from now on. As long as some activities start, my inflatable lawn tent can be used in any activities, it is really useful.


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