Inflatable lawn tents are resisting cold

5 Dec

There are many kinds of inflatable tents, but some of them are thin that they can not resist cold in winter. According to this tough problem, our company has produced an inflatable lawn tent which can resist cold on lawn in winter. It can take the place of other ordinary anti-cold tents in cold winter.

Inflatable lawn tents are made of PVC tarps. It is similar with the inflatable air tight tents. It is made with the advanced material lead to light weight and good quality.

The ordinary tents are made up with steel frame and canvas. It is a big problem that the ordinary tents are too heavy to transport, especially to somewhere far away from your home. However, if the tents are made with inflatable material, they will be more convenient to transport. So the inflatable lawn tent is accord with this requirement.

The same with other inflatable products, the inflatable lawn tent are easy to set up and pack up. They can be set up in few minutes with an air blower and be fold up by deflating the air in it. You can bring the air blower with you when you are go camping with the inflatable lawn tent.

As mentioned above, the inflatable lawn tent is an anti-cold tent. The whole tent is supported by the inflatable frame, and this make the tent can stand in fierce wind. Covering with both inside and outside, the tent can keep the cold outside to keep the inside warm. And with the slope roof design, the water can not stay on the top. The material is also waterproof which make the whole tent can be used in rain.

inflatable lawn tent

inflatable lawn tent sample pic

As you can see in the picture, the tent has a door which can be used freely. With this door, you can go inside or outside conveniently. Closing it tightly, the cold can be kept outside.

Winter is coming, and go camping is a exciting sport. It’s time for the inflatable lawn tent to develop its ability.


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