Attentions for the inflatable lawn tent

5 Dec

Inflatable lawn tent is becoming more and more popular among people’s life. When we hold a party, go for a camping even have a wedding, it can be seen in these places. However, it is used by such a large number of people; does everyone know how to use it correctly?

Firstly, it is the preparing work before installation.

1. Site requirements: site more level off, the surface and the surrounding don’t allow right sharp objects and the contact, in order to avoid damage tent body and frame, the influence is used.

2. Check whether the device right damaged parts, each accessory can normal use. 3. Ready for installation tools, such as air compressor and so on.

Then, it is the install of the inflatable lawn tents.

1. Frame and backing tile on the ground, the inflatable framework for inflatable, inflatable process, must at the same time the three air valve for gas, to ensure that all parts synchronous expansion. Each column are not allowed to kill knot, tensional strength, such as a column airflow impeded, the hand gently pat a few times can; Column began to set up, a few people can help the stretch, to promote the rapid column set up molding.

2. The first pressurize, pressure does not allow more than 13.3 k Pa. After began inflating, wait for each column fully extended, 5 minutes to fill gas stripping pressure, but the highest pressure is not allowed to exceed 17 k Pa, according to environment temperature gas pressure can be appropriately increase and reduction, prevent the balloon burst.

3. Column in position to the designated location, transport process need to several people at the same time, in order to in place, it is strictly prohibited to procrastinate on the ground move planning.

4. Installation tent to gently pull, it is strictly prohibited to forced pull, each thread gluing and zipper and other accessories requirements make connection firm back strong.

5. Anchor installation: the insertion depth with the ground is a genuine tension fixed effect; anchor insert ground soil should be compacted.

6. Check each device, firm, ensure geometric tolerance is 0.5%, can be put into use.

Storage and transportation is the last part. After using tent, need to do the following work:

1. Remove the components respond to gently pull, can’t pulling on; Remove the finished, the tent fold flat, but fold can’t have fold; Attachments will focus on the designated packing inside, densification.

2. The deposit environment requirement: in the cold dry well-ventilated in the warehouse, forbidden in the sun insolates, storage temperature for – 35 degrees – 50 degrees.

3. Transportation are prohibited during the sail body on the ground will “pull planning, need a few people in order to transport or car.

4. On package does not allow placed weight.

After the article, do you learn more about how to use the inflatable lawn tent?


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